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Home Decor trends for 2023

As we enter a new year it makes sense to look ahead to the trends we will see more of or those we may have seen a little of but are really growing for 2023. 

We at Totalposter are experts in making spaces really pop and so understanding trends is a help to how we marry great prints, posters and feature walls. 

So we listen, talk and research the market and here are our 2023 Home Decor trends  


Listening Rooms

Listening rooms, or music rooms, have always been valued by audiophiles, but they're gaining popularity with the masses as the vinyl record sales explosion continues to grow. Essentially, a listening room is your own dedicated space for listening to music, whether it's creating or playing your favourite tunes to unwind and enjoy. Even if you don't have an entire room to spare you could dedicate a corner or part of any space that can be transformed into a music space. 

Art Deco Encore 

Revisiting beloved styles past is not new, it’s an industry favourite and as interiors move away from the absoluteness of minimalism, we’re seeing more interest in decorative styles, like Art Deco. Art Deco’s brighter colours, geometric patterns, and gorgeous symmetry will be a welcome ‘new’ look to many homes.

Interesting wall coverings

It looks like wallcoverings are set to play a big part in 2023 home décor trends, with murals, bold papers and interesting textures all emerging as growing trends.

Wall coverings are becoming an increasingly bigger part of many interior design projects. From wanting to liven up bare walls and give them some life to making a statement such as creating gallery walls.

With so many different options, textures and artwork types you can easily give the space much more character.


Blue & Meaningful Decor Accents

The suggestions are that 2023 is going to be bold in terms of colours. Ultramarine blue is one of the trending colours for 2023. It is a bright, deep, and luxurious colour. Going along with this bold theme, people will really embrace the use of history, family ornaments, vintage antiques and incorporating meaningful pieces into their home."

Craft Rooms

After a period of enforced time spent in our homes many of us went back to old (or new) hobbies and got in touch with our creative side. Having a dedicated space for crafts and creativity supports our mental wellbeing and provides a welcome escape from hectic lifestyles. Whether it’s an entire space or room to a small bespoke corner, craft areas are a great way to have fun and unwind. 


 Stripes are on there way back in a big way. They are one of the original high-contrast design elements, whether used as wallpaper, other textiles or even in paint. It is a great way to make an unmistakably bold statement and is unlike any other pattern.

Muted colours and natural spaces

It is never really a major trend as such but the neutral, warm and cosy look is really going to level up in 2023. Expect to see more calming, natural and deeper tones that seem as though they were a colour found only in nature. People are starting to embrace softer colours, not just the bold, vibrant hues. They are drawn to, and really value, other different shades than the traditional green, brown and blues that are seen as more earthy and calming. Dulux has chosen a soft golden neutral, Wild Wonder, as its colour of the year for 2023, but there’s a trend towards therapeutic ‘sunset hues’ that goes further than this shade’s mellow tones. Wellness and feelings are connected to these shades as we continue to tentatively make more efforts to bring the outside in. Pantone recently announced its 2023 Colour of the Year as Viva Magenta. The brand describes the shade as a “crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.” If you were not aware, Pantone highlights a colour each year that reflects the current culture, and they said Viva Magenta is a “hybrid” shade that’s symbolic of our existence in the physical and digital world. Similar to how the outdoors can influence indoor colour palettes of the future, furniture design also reflects its setting. A building’s location however, whether mountainous or arid, impacts its interior more than ever. Local products can and will dictate, in some part, the look and feel of the furniture, decor and, ultimately, the interior. Wool, sheepskin, and woods, for instance, are readily available in most snowy environments. On the other hand, they won’t be very easy to find in the tropics. Many materials, from stone to fabrics, also are naturally more readily available in one area than in another. As a result, when people source locally and honour their natural environment, the interior is bound to follow. 

Going for Gold

Gold is back (but did it ever go away)? Forget brushed nickel and stainless-steel finishes, the daddy of them all is back on top. This runs parallel to other trends such as muted or warm tones.

Modern gothic revival

 Move over cutesy cottage core and farmhouse chic — there's a new, darker trend for 2023. Inspired by the overdramatic rich hues of the gothic revival, this trend will see blacks, inky blues and luxurious purples creep into interior design.

While intricate detailing and grand contemporary chandeliers fall into this style, they're not essential — black painted floorboards and metallic modern lighting will also do the trick. Deep blacks and purples look dramatic and stylish in a living room decorated in this way. 


It’s not just Tesla that are going for it in plaid right now, bold-toned plaid patterning lets people have it both ways: An abundance of colours can be easily tamed by this traditional look. It’s great for all of your soft furnishings such as throws, pillows and even rugs.

Nostalgic Design

With more designs taking shape with nostalgia and yesteryear in mind, the idea of granny-chic or kitsch is really evolving to a more sophisticated style which could be welcomed by many more people.

Biophilic Design

As we continue to see the growing positive effects of more natural design, we will see rising trends in designs that help us bring the outside in. Biophilic designs really help us bring some of the natural world into the comfort of our homes. The use of natural materials such as bamboo, cork, sisal and wood can add texture and character to a space while adding artwork depicting nature or the greenery of plants is also a good foil.


Warm Browns

Brown and other brown based colours — such as caramel, dark red, terra cottas and deep coral — are going to very popular in 2023. After years of more pedestrian bright whites and cool greys dominating our design, people are looking for a more soothing, inviting palette that promotes warmth and cosiness.

Flawsome designs

As we enter 2023, we expect that the general desire of sustainability will continue to be front and centre to many designing or revamping a new space. With this in mind it makes sense that we will see more interiors that embrace the flawsome trend, a design quality that celebrates the imperfections in previously hidden objects or artworks. Upcycling and restoring the beauty of items or decor and giving it a new life. This very modern idea that we can curate a new unique identity by marrying the old with the new, rescuing and re-working preloved materials, is something that we predict to see much more of.


Include slatted designs in interiors in 2023

Slatted walls can be really effective and bring a modernist vibe to a cosy bedroom and the trend for fluted and slatted designs seems to show no sign of abating in 2023. 

Wall panelling can also help you to zone your space and shift the sense of proportion in your room. Used correctly, the linear nature of slatted designs also helps to give the appearance of taller ceilings and more space.

Primary Colours

With the recent times we live in, finding more moments to be playful and have fun is key – and this can be reflected in our homes, as bold colours become a popular way to express ourselves in design. For 2023, watch out for pops and splashes of primary colours as accessories and accents in the home. From a colour psychology perspective, the three primary colours of red, blue, and yellow can represent the body, mind and emotions. Loud, proud and totally unapologetic primary colours are high saturation design elements and will add a playful charm to any space, bringing with them a little unmistakable energy. 


Interior design can bring comfort, cosiness and can even conjure up a sense of nostalgia. In 2022 we saw a sea of Coastal Grandma wash over interior design. Similarly, the interior design and colour trends of 2023 will play on nostalgia to conjure a pleasant, quaint backdrop. Pastoral patterns and bucolic artwork are sure to add an almost poetic touch to interiors.

Stay fresh with waves of green

A fresh green can rejuvenate any existing living space as it has the strongest and most immediate association to nature. Tones of green are therefore one of the most obvious choices for interior design trends in 2023. Green plays well into an over-arching trend for biophilic design in the home (also referenced in our research) — that is, recreating a connection to nature indoors that can help reproduce some of the health and mood-boosting qualities of spending time outdoors, in nature. 

Did you know it also sits in the middle of the visible colour spectrum, is an entirely neutral colour and therefore offers visual comfort, even when bold or intense. Combine it with other natural tones, woven or natural soft furnishings and low maintenance houseplants." 

If you need inspiration for what other complementary colours go with green for your 2023 scheme, combine with complementary orange or coral.

Outdoor to the Indoor Inspired

As green design grows, interiors are moving away from colours that feel too artificial. Hues are becoming much gentler and easier on the eye. As a result, interiors can flow seamlessly from and onwards to their outer surroundings. Some of the main interior design trends of 2023 and for many years to come will certainly see more outdoor-indoor blends. 

Timeless Japandi

Combine Scandi and Japanese inspired designs to create beautiful, minimalist but welcoming interiors.

Japandi is a design concept that is a portmanteau of Japanese and Scandinavia and a literal mix of these two classic interior styles which both have roots in pared- back minimalism. While Scandinavian interiors have dominated for decades, it's this twist on this interior design trend that we’re seeing coming through in 2023. 

The Japandi minimalist trend is sleek dark timbers, Scandi light timbers and natural materials, light-coloured walls and minimal and simple design. When it is well curated it is really quite an exceptional look and is actually very cosy and comfortable to live with. Add Japanese birds, fish or nature prints to level up this look.

When it comes to material choices, consider bamboo in a Japandi scheme. Bamboo is a prolific grower so pretty sustainable, super strong and will really bring the feeling of nature to your home. Japandi lends itself well to both sustainable and biophilic interiors, making it a perfect choice for interiors in 2023. 

French country style

In 2023 it is expected bedroom style will move towards a “softer, more neutral decor palette. People want to create a more relaxed sleep space and with this in mind French country-style decor will be a popular feature in bedrooms. For those looking to embrace this trend, avoid bold colours and prints with bright pops of colour and instead opt for decor that is light and soft. A French-style bedroom needs to be simple, uncomplicated, warm and inviting.

Upgraded Bars and Wet carts

Like the idea of staying in these days? Same. That's why a dedicated bar area or bar cart is a great idea, whether you fill it with your favourite tipple, the best non-alcoholic sips, or a truckload of hot chocolate packets.

Try industrial open shelf bars to implement a cool factor and break up all the wood surfaces in the space while giving you a chance to lighten up the cabinets and adding in another material and element. Why settle for a very basic bar when you can make it unique and special with art prints, mirrors or similar?

Even if you don't have the space for a full wet bar, a bar cart or corner in your home can work just as well. Clear out a small area so you can always treat yourself to a tasty gin and tonic whenever you and your friends feel like it.

Hopefully you feel a little more confident to beautify your home or space for 2023 and if you need any help with your art then we'd love to hear from you. 


Team Totalposter

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