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Huge wall art trends of 2024

We often get asked, especially at the turn of the year and this year is no different. So we have taken the cue from some of the experts and some of the designers to better understand, and share our big wall art trends of 2024


Dopemine Décor – Bold and vibrant designs captivating and dominating a space are the order of predicted 2024 décor trends. Really allow yourself to express yourself and be decadent. 

Mix and Match – Let your space tell YOUR story and expression. Have a great time curating a collection that is unique and personal. Mix styles and sizes and ignore uniformity and the norms. Create an ever evolving narrative on your walls and enjoy the journey.


Mindfullness and Wellness – As our lives continue to be hectic and demanding we seek spaces that can offer calm and serenity. Here you can opt for pieces with simple designs, clean lines and softer colours. Make a space that encourages us to be more peaceful, slow down and reflect.


Oversize Art – This year is the year of the ultimate statement piece according to experts, so be creative in your expression. Large art adds a grandeur to smaller space and a vital finishing touch to bigger rooms. Large scale prints and pictures are a way to transform your space into something spectacular.


Quiet Luxury – Sure to be a hit in 2024 is wall art to complement your search for items that have class, quality and soul. A big hit on tik tok recently it is sure to continue to grow through 2024.


Vintage inspired style – Our favourite and one that never tires for so many designers. The shapes, style and colours of vintage wall art is perfect to really turbocharge a space. Choose some great vintage colours, grab a few select décor pieces and dress with vintage wall art prints to finish of a perfect space.


Lived in Look – For 2024 another big look is the natural and simple lived in look. A little more art than you might need generally, totally discarding the idea our homes are a showcase. After the covid era we feel the need for more comfort and authenticity.   


And of course to conclude, we always have to tip a nod to the pantone colour of the year and for 2024 it is peach fuzz, a light delicate shade that sits between pink and orange. If you are using this as your backdrop (for walls etc) you can select wall art to complement it and work with it. Look for peaceful, natural prints that work well together and enjoy the experience.



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We hope this has helped get some inspiration and look forward to hearing from you if you need any help to make those spaces pop? 


Team Topo


  • Feb 07, 2024
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