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May 2023 news from

It seems mad that we are already halfway through May already but it also signals better weather and that should cheer us all up?

What is the news at Topo Towers?

Well, it took a little longer than planned due to workload but we are now operational with our new professional laser. We are beyond excited, it means we can now cut, etch and engrave all kinds of new and beautiful pieces of wall art or bespoke gifts. Our 'special sauce' is that we do EVERYTHING in house and try wherever possible to use UK manufacturers for raw materials. Now we can level up (in a different way to our recent Government) what we can offer and the range of what we can produce here in Hampshire.

Get in touch if you would like to know more or have a collaboration idea?


If you like to learn more about the people behind the art, check out our blogs at and sign up for updates from us. we promise never to spam you but we will send you news, discounts and insights into prints, wall art and wider home decor trends.


As always we add new products almost weekly so in the last few weeks we are delighted to add some beautiful Franz Marc pieces to purchase. He was a German print maker and artist; who not only had an influence on art during his time, but was considered to be one of the key figures of the Expressionist movement in Germany and founded the Blue Rider Journal.

Don't forget!

We still have thousands of iconic sports and motorsport images through the years from F1 to Athletics. All beautifully printed in 12 colours to ensure the best quality. From Valentino Rossi to Daley Thompson we have the icons past and present.

Social Media

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As we head into summer we hope you all have a great time and enjoy the sun and more time outside.


Team Topo



  • May 18, 2023
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