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Wall art and picture frame sizes explained

At Totalposter, we get asked all of the time about sizes, ratios and the like from buyers and clients so we figured it is a great time to produce a blog to try to help answer the questions often directed our way. 
An important header note though, if you purchase your wall art from a true maker (they lay out the image/art/print and then print and cut ready to despatch) then within reason the size need not be a limit. With Totalposter you can request bespoke sizes and providing the ratio of the product makes it possible we will produce to your sizes. With our large format printing equipment we can make BIG wall art that really pops. If you are purchasing from a reseller then they will not be able to produce bespoke sizes, add borders etc so bear this in mind if you want a perfect fit. 


The dimensions of most frames follow a ratio and this is basically the two dimensions of height and length. For example a 2/3 ratio is an 8x12 inch frame (so it is produced to a specific ratio) and each item in that range will be based on the same ratio, smaller or larger overall. A 1/1 ratio (very popular now) is a square frame so a 6x6 inch frame for example.

Below are a few examples of the most popular sizes and ratios alongside the extremely popular A paper sizes known throughout the EU and beyond.


Ratios can be used to create really beautiful gallery wall effects (see our blog on this subject) and make interesting montages on your walls. Another great effect is to have some frames with a mount (white background to further frame the image/print) and some borderless (the image right to the edge). 



Different regions have different sizes (metric and imperial) and our advice is to use frame sizes that are readily available in your region as this will give maximum value and keep costs down. You could also upcycle old frames or charity/thrift shop finds and all you need to do is accurately measure them.

Size is often key to the impact that your piece will have when on the wall so choose carefully and always check you understand the sizes prior to ordering to avoid disappointment. 

We hope this handy little guide helps you in your quest for beautiful walls and if you need us, we are always happy to help if you would like to get in touch?


Team Topo 


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  • Jun 15, 2023
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