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Wall art ideas for every room in your home

We love the fact that wall art is no longer just a photo, piece of art or picture frame. It allows you to create gorgeous spaces that show some of your personality, passions or tastes. With this in mind we want to inspire and provide ideas that you can use, build on or modify. 

1, Hang a vintage travel poster


A great way to show the heritage of your family, your favourite happy place or just the style and colours that complete your space. 

2, Add a leaning wall mirror

Bring a new dimension to your space and use natural materials or a vintage style. 

3, Be a little naughty 

Use the privacy of your own home to add a little bit of you. Have some fun with something sweary or a little risque. 

4, Hang a map 

Hang a beautiful, vintage map of your birthplace or put up a world map in your home and help your children learn about the world covertly.

5, Display art using an easel 

A great way to add extra art and a feature, and it is inexpensive too. 

6, Use books or magazines as wall art

Curate your favourite books or magazines to show guests the kind of things you like, while also creating some extra storage space too!

7, Create a new mood with popart

Grab a classic Warhol soup can or even go more modern with our awesome, exclusive Highland Cow Popart print. A great way to change gears in your home. 

8, Create a huge art piece from a childrens book to make a space cute and personalised for a child. Talk to us about what you would like?

9, Pick a Theme

Make a gallery of your favourite sports, artist or even just a theme based on your colour scheme. 

10, Put your tools on display

From kitchen tools to real tools and beyond, you can use it as wall art. Be creative and express yourself. 

11, Use a clock to add to the space. 

Hang a big clock or a particular style to really add to the space and provide a function too. 

12, Add some flower art instead of real flowers.


You might have allergies, no time to source the flowers or just no budget, a really simple idea to beautify a space and saves money.

Most of all, we want you to have fun and create a space that screams out YOU! 

Team Topo

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  • Jun 23, 2023
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