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Why print at home art is just not the solution

Printing has come a long way in the last 20 years and anybody who has a printer is probably familiar with the most typical 4 colour printing format.

Even with halftoning*, the range is still very narrow in contrast to the actual colour spectrum so of course the image is often a hologram of the original.

There are other 6 and 8 colour processes that will increase performance (and cost) but in all, moving to a 12 colour printing process broadens the CcMmYK colour gamut by over 80%! We then couple the highest quality Canon 60” 12 colour Giclee Fine Art quality printer to a RIP software (RIP stands for Raster Image Processing). Raster image processing software is a specialized print driver that allows advanced control over the image and printing. RIP software takes an image and converts it into a high-resolution raster image among other photo editing and processing capabilities. In addition to rasterizing, the software has many capabilities. Our RIP software offers a variety of colour management controls and tools to ensure we have the best possible colour match and can scale, resize, rotate, and invert images.

If you want beauty, let it come out, use quality print processes. 

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Team Topo

  • Jun 14, 2023
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