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Why wall art will help you keep staff?

Hear us out, I appreciate you'll be thinking why? There are many factors that should be considered and we will cover a few below.

A recent survey from Gartner forecasted 50-75% higher employee turnover now vs pre-pandemic. Plus, there is an 18% increase in the time it takes to fill open positions. The Great Resignation is impacting staffing in all industries and businesses.

The key thing to remember is…Employees aren't just workers, they are humans.

And humans expect some pretty basic things:

  • We crave feeling accepted and valued.
  • We thrive when we are appreciated and recognized as important.
  • We want to belong in a comfortable community.
  • We need some freedom, choice, and to feel that our voice matters.

These are just a few of our needs.

Delivering employee buy in and acceptance is vital and even more importantly if you have a dull, unimaginative space then this also will transfer to the team too.

Here are a few powerful ways you can use Wall Art to win hearts and minds while also creating a much more inspiring workplace.

1, Value your team, help them personalise THEIR workspace. As a reward, let them pick out art that they love and purchase it for them.

  • Let high achievers choose each month and make it an event.
  • Customise your space, create a competition where the staff take or make creative photos and Totalposter can print or mount the best one as a piece of custom wall art.

2, Lower the tension in your office with calming wall art. Studies have shown the benefits of engaging with art.

  • Wall art decreases blood pressure, stress, and even pain in both clinical and non-clinical settings.
  • Focus on updating your conference rooms (where tension can run high in meetings) and break out rooms with large art that creates a Zen energy.
  • When your employees feel less tense and run down, they will have more energy and motivation to dedicate to their work and no desire to look for a less stressful working environment.

Tip : The most soothing, best commercial wall art colours are light blues and soft greens. Nature scenes often feature these colours and are grounding.

3, Create an environment that is fun, inspiring and inviting. Humans are very visual creatures.

  • How things look matters to us.
  • Big wall art can set the tone for the mood and energy you want.
  • Swap out your massive wall art for a new print or canvas every few months so your office space is made fresh and current.

Tip : If you are looking for a higher energy, more productive space then choose office wall décor with softer oranges and bolder yellows.

Tip : Need a more Zen like office space then try office wall art in light greens and blues with natural influences.

4, Make it memorable.

  • When job seekers are thinking back on all the places they have interviewed, you want your office to be first in their mind. Make your office’s first impression the wow factor and unforgettable with huge, beautiful art. If you can do so, you’ve captivated the attention of the new recruits and impressed them before you have even started a conversation. Potential employees will feel your office’s energy and they can then envision themselves working in your office and fitting your team. It is also likely they will even mention how cool your office looks when telling any friends or family about the interview.
  • Show-stopping, massive wall art makes your office unforgettable so hiring is quicker and easier.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with elements that appeal to the team, you can fine tune and continually improve until its perfect. Also it can be fun to discover and develop your space as a team, it really brings you even closer together.

And if we can help, do not hesitate to get in touch? If you can't find it on our site we can always obtain it, print it in glorious 12 colour process and mount it however you'd like, to elevate your space and give it the wow factor.


Team Topo

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  • Nov 10, 2022
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